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பூவெல்லாம் எண்ணிப் பார் (Poovellam Enni Paar - Boardbook))

பூவெல்லாம் எண்ணிப் பார் (Poovellam Enni Paar - Boardbook))

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"Poovellam Enni Paar" is a delightful counting board book that takes young readers on a colorful journey through the vibrant world of flowers, all while immersing them in the beauty of the Tamil language. Join Malaravan and his wise grandfather as they explore the bustling flower market, encountering a plethora of flowers along the way. As Malaravan eagerly counts each flower he sees, readers are introduced to a variety of flower names in Tamil, making learning an engaging and enriching experience.


With charming illustrations that capture the essence of each flower, "Poovellam Enni Paar" sparks curiosity and encourages children to appreciate the natural wonders around them. Whether it's the cheerful marigold or the delicate jasmine, this book celebrates the diversity of flowers while fostering early numeracy skills through simple counting activities.


Perfect for little ones and their families, "Poovellam Enni Paar" is not just a counting book but a celebration of Tamil culture, language, and the joy of discovery. Dive into this enchanting world of flowers and numbers, where learning is a blooming adventure!

  • Product Dimensions

    20 x 1.5 x 20 (cm)

  • Print Length

    28 Pages

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