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- Nivethitha J, Founder -

Emmozhi publications was started by an enthusiastic Mother Nivethitha, after her son Arjun’s birth. Her sole motive was to introduce her little one to the world of books, that she had been a part of, and enjoyed from an early age. But to her surprise, there were very few books which were published in Tamil for young kids and toddlers, from the birthplace of the language (Tamil Nadu). Taking into account the authenticity and the pride of our language, introducing Tamil at an early age does play an integral part in the development of our younger generation. After her frantic search, she was not satisfied with the content and execution of the feeble books she found in the language for the generation. This gave her a spark to create a work by herself for her son. But a mother is always selfless, so she decided that all the children should get the opportunity to be a part of our abundant literature right from the beginning. This made her create a publication from scratch which will produce books for toddlers with eye-catching illustrations, simple terms and introduce Tamil Montessori learning. Emmozhi is a publication from the next-door mother with a zest for her language, trying to take the young ones along with her in the journey of learning Tamil. As the Tamil proverb goes “ஐந்தில் வளையாதது ஐம்பதில் வளையாது” (literal meaning: what won't bend at five will not bend at fifty), it is very important that we start young.

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